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What Sets Us Apart

Established in 2010, N & K Business Experts has been an easy way to find business or personal loans, contact investors for your business, projects or companies, Investment opportunities, and a wide range of trade financial instrument solutions assuring you quality, safety and security in all your transactions thought out Africa and the world at large. Investors either go into partnership or lend out millions of their own funds. At N & K Business, we believe everyone should have a fair chance at getting the money they need – regardless of their credit, business type or stage, age, race or income.

An Alternative (not a replacement)
to the Banks

N & K Business Experts is built on the belief that the traditional banking system may not be the right fit for all. Our intent is to offer everyone an alternative (not a replacement) to the banks and credit unions. Typically we are a more expensive alternative to the banks; however, with this in mind, we are usually more efficient than the banks in getting your loan or funfind as required.

Unlike the banks, our primary focus is getting everyone satisfied – not your credit score, age or income. We are professionals who are concerned with serving you with the utmost respect, discretion and diligence. It is for this reason our customers would recommend us.

An Open and Transparent Process

At N & K Business Experts, we strive to make our funding and lending process straightforward, transparent and extremely efficient. We pride ourselves on best in class customer service. Our aim is to provide you with full disclosure on our available funds, capital and loan offerings prior to you entering into any obligation; this will allow you to determine if our product is right for you. Once we have provided you with all necessary information, the choice will be left with you as to whether or not you wish to proceed with our offer.


Our Clients Love Us! Their Say..,

“Was very thorough and time consuming but the end product was well worth the wait! ; Excellent”

Thomas Jacob

“My company has been very pleased in using N&K Business Experts’s investor network. We have found two qualified investors to help fund our company. We have also used Funded.com to help us build a professional business plan that has been a good asset!”

Milton L

”N&K Business Experts has helped me to elevate my overall business strategy to the next level in many wonderful ways. The staff at Funded.com has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Creating a strategic plan and the process of acquiring funding was easier because of N&K Business Experts.”

Summer S, NM

“I will be forever grateful with you all at N&K Business Experts in putting together my outstanding business plan that is about to help me receive a SBA Loan and will help me start me business. Once again Thank You for you time.”

Joshua M, TX.
Angel Investor

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